January 15 horoscope for today

Your ideas will find many supporters, including possible investors. Scorpios may experience a slight displeasure with the events of this day. At some point, you will have to coordinate your life plan, change your attitude towards your loved ones, or abandon planned activities like shopping or travel. It is recommended to take it in quietly.

It will be brief; by this evening you can breathe a sigh of relief.

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Perhaps a close family member for example, a younger relative will be pleased. Sagittarius on this day should avoid crowded, public places. The risk of catching a virus or infectious disease increases. In a large crowd, you will become a victim of pickpocketing. If you cannot postpone travel and go with friends, follow the basic rules of caution. Avoid any spontaneous purchases. Some Capricorns will want privacy and silence. If you cannot take a day off, do things alone.

Seek the benefits and positivity of conversing with like-minded people. In the evening, it is not recommended to visit the skating rink or engage in active sports. It may result in sprains, injuries, or bruises. Aquarius may be surprised by unpleasant changes in a loved one's behavior today. Talk about taking a break to cool off your feelings or friendship. Let everything go with the flow. The priority today is your finances. You might save the family budget by excluding some unnecessary purchases. Among the Aquarius will be many people who need creative inspiration.

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Pisces can spend January 15, , engaging exclusively in pleasure. Even events that in the past have caused rejection will be perceived rather loyally. This attitude should transfer to people who were skeptical and wary. There is a possibility that one of them will open up to you.

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November Horoscope. Zodiac Signs. Zodiac signs compatibility. Free compatibility horoscope. Moon Sign Compatibility. From being unemployed to trying to lose some extra weight, we've all hidden some ugly truth to save face. Who would put self-incriminating content online to be judged by?

Unless you're having a bad day or on a mission for self-destruction, no one. Socially, we seek opportunities to be viewed as having overcome challenges, the type that others can see us as having accomplished. With so much Capricorn energy in our universe influencing all zodiac signs, it's tempting to save face and only want our best side to show. The problem with always doing this is that it makes it difficult for others to connect.

At the end of the day, humans want to see the struggle, not because there's a need to see suffering, but because there's a longing to see someone overcoming. When one person overcomes, the world believes in the power of the human spirit, in will power, and that a person can survive even the most difficult situations. That's why hero films are so loved, and why people share content that shows someone who faced all odds and yet they were able to beat them.

You have things you've beaten in your life, and perhaps today you're still struggling with something. Sharing as much as you're comfortable about your personal problems is a way to invite support, help and prayer into your life. This can be a good thing or bad thing, it all depends on how you approach this opportunity.

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Where your zodiac sign's house is positioned on the astrology zodiac wheel, and where the planets are positioned at that time, your energy and reaction to that placement may be different than someone else. Aries, what you hold close to your heart, the thing you're making sacrifices to have may require divine intervention today. Pray throughout the day and ask the universe for guidance in all things as new opportunity open for you to explore.

Taurus, put your faith at the center of everything you do today. You are encamped by positive energy and protective forces around you. An area of your life is looking up and there's some creative blessings that may even provide a financial opportunity coming your way. Gemini, you might be feeling a bit more tired than usual, but this is a call to remove yourself from the fast pace of life and retreat into quiet, thoughtful and soulful pursuits.

Your Horoscope for the Week of January 14

Draw those that understand you on a spiritual level to your side. If you have a pet, let their love strengthen you by spending time just sitting and thinking. Let the cares of this life stop for a moment until you regain your energy back. Cancer, do you feel called to a higher purpose. You may find yourself interested in charitable causes more than usual this time of year. This is a season of great giving from a spiritual aspect for you. What brings you joy when serving? Be open to a chance to participate in something bigger than you imagined.

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Leo, an area of your life will need your intimate attention, love and nurture. You may be taking on a project and placing it under your protection. Perhaps a person close to you needs your support and guidance, but privacy and discretion is extremely important. There's a passion that you will discover by being there for someone, and an interest close to your heart that comes to light. Virgo, emotions hit a high note. There may be a situation, person, or project that you need to set free.

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This will be an empowering act for you, and you will feel that you did the right thing for yourself. Stay centered in your act as an act of love.